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George Wilcox and Rebecca Priest

Robin Polhamus is best known among the Native American Osage Tribe as the artist responsible for researching, designing, and painting the murals displayed on the walls of the Osage Tribal Council Chambers.

An educational grant from the BIA allowed her to pursue her art career.

- Los Angeles Trade Tech, Commercial Art degree, 1974.

- Various murals in San Francisco, California,
Oklahoma, Texas, and Iowa.

- Plaque at the Osage Dance Arbor in Indian Camp, Pawhuska, OK.

- "It has been said in this Lodge" mural, Osage Council Chambers.

- "Destiny to Dynasty" mural, Osage Council Chambers.

- "Osage One" mural, Osage Council lobby.

- Centennial Celebration, October 25, 1997 Osage
logo,(contest winner). The design is on view at the
Osage Tribal Museum, Pawhuska, OK.

Robin's Grandmother was Gra-To-Ne,  her English name was Minnie Elkins Smith, Great Grandfather was Sha-Ah-Wah-Pe, Hay-Sho-Ke;  her Great Grandmother  Ne-Kah-She-He,  English name was Mary Elkins and her father was Pretty Hair. Her Great Aunt was Com-Pox-She;  English name was Kate McCormick.

Robin's Osage name is Leh-Doh-Wee-Tseh-Keh, (Hawk Precious); the family Clan is:

                     "THUNDER and LIGHTING"
                             Robin Polhamus